Plant & Process
Engineers, designers and drafting personnel at CDE Design Solutions are factory and industry based and understand how to put your process onto paper.

We will work with you to develop your initial process concept thoughts to final drawing.

We can provide Process and Instrumentation Drawings (P&IDs) to whatever level of detail you require. We can then design specialist machinery for your process and project manage the manufacture of your production line.

Process and P&IDs are produced in an AutoCad format and can be supplied electronically in PDF, DWF, DWG or alternate formats if required.

Factory layout work is a CDE specialty because of the many years of experience in plant design.

We can start from scratch to create your P&IDs and then convert them into a complete 3 dimensional model of your factory.

We can come to your site and record the details of your existing plant using measurements, existing 2D drawings and photographs.

Alternatively we can meet with you, creating a model as you describe what you want.

A 3D model of your plant is a valuable tool for you to convey pictorial images of your plant to others, from process workers to board members, as well as external stakeholders. We can present the model as a 3D image, 2D drawings and in conventional drawing techniques. Animations are also available for training and publicity uses.