CDE is able to offer a full package engineering service. We have a number of Mechanical Engineers, an Electrical Engineer and a close working relationship with various Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Building Service Engineers, Architects and others.

Our skills cover many industries.

We also have Industrial Designers for product design and development and personnel with years of experience in a wide variety of industries where engineering assistance is needed.

We have a full drafting team to compliment our engineering team.

Through our team and our network, we are able to offer design and engineering services to tackle almost any project or problem.

Some examples of services provided to clients in recent projects include:
  • Process design
  • Machine design
  • Production line design
  • Full factory design
  • Site design and layout
  • Product and innovation design
  • Engineering certifications,
  • Insurance reporting,
  • Compliance checking,
  • Project management,
  • Project planning,
  • Industry advice,
  • Detail drafting,
  • 3D modelling, (including FEA),
  • And many more.

Innovative Mechanical Design is the force behind CDE.

CDE employs a number of other mechanical engineers with exceptional experience in a number of industries including food production, toolmaking, heavy fabrication and building.

CDE can bring a unique combination of engineering knowledge, industry experience, and modelling and drafting skills to your mechanical design project.

Large design projects successfully completed in recent years include a large capacity hydraulic cotton press, specialised rail handling equipment, material handling equipment, belt and chain conveyors, drill rig mast re-design, development work for a new and unique constant velocity joint, and development work for the next generation of masonary building blocks.