Our 3D modelling and visualisation skills allow clear and easy communication of your idea throughout your organization and to your client. From early design concepts of a complete production facility or process, to intricate detail of the smallest component, our 3D modelling approach streamlines the design process and provides the vehicle for all stakeholders to easily gain a clear understanding of your project and make valuable contributions throughout the design process.

CDE has produced many concept and visualisation projects for local and interstate clients to enable communication of ideas and projects. This work reflects the growing use of 3D modelling and animation software in engineering projects. Clients no longer need to interpret 2D flat plan drawings. CDE make extensive use of 3D models, animations and visualisation to allow clear communication of design intent to project team members, process operators, management, contractors and suppliers.

All work is drawn to AS1100 or if you prefer, your corporate or statutory drafting standards.
  • Conceptual or detailed total plant layout and line layouts
  • Conceptualization of processes
  • Process flow design, diagrams and P&IDs
  • Machine design, machine detailing
  • Machine hydraulics and pneumatics design and detailing
  • Mechanical detailing
  • Pump, tank, valve, pipework design and detailing
  • Bin, hopper and chute design and drafting
  • Platforms and walkways design and drafting
  • Structural steel workshop detailing
  • Bridge detailing
  • Product design
  • Visualization and drawings of innovations and inventions
  • Development Application drawings