Company Profile
Who We Are:
CDE (CDE Design Solutions) commenced operations in 2001 with 4 full time staff in Bathurst, NSW. From a beginning of supporting local food manufacturers with drafting and factory related mechanical engineering design, troubleshooting and project management services, CDE has grown to have a broad base offering engineering and drafting services to companies and individuals in both regional and city based locations.

We are experienced in:
  • Conceptual or detailed total plant layout and line layouts
  • Conceptualization of processes
  • Process flow design, diagrams and P&IDs
  • Materials handling
  • Machine design, machine detailing
  • Machine hydraulics and pneumatics design
  • Mechanical detailing
  • Pump, tank, valve, pipework design and detailing
  • Bin, hopper and chute design
  • Structural steel for building and non-building applications
  • Platforms and walkways
  • Structural steel workshop detailing
  • Bridge detailing
  • Product design
  • Visualization and drawings of innovations and inventions
  • Development Application drawings
  • Project Management

Our workforce
We have a great variety and depth to our skills. This includes:
  • Professional Mechanical and Electrical engineers with broad experience across many areas of industry.
  • Professional Civil/Structural Engineers able to provide engineering certification.
  • Product designers.
  • Draftsmen with high skill levels and trades background.
  • Project Managers to manage your project from initial ideas through to commissioning.
How We Work For You
Our office is based in Bathurst in NSW but we travel to site when required. With modern communications available to us, it is possible to carry out a great deal of our work remotely.
We will happily enter into confidentiality agreements with you.
We can provide your projects and designs in multiple formats including a variety of electronic models and drawings or printed form in colour or black and white, in any size you wish. We can also provide electronic output on CD, DVD or via email.